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We make owning property a rewarding and stress free financial investment that is as straight forward as possible. Residential, commercial and portfolio estate management.

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What do we do?

The benefit of the firm’s multi-disciplined skill set really comes into its own for our Property management clients. Being able to call upon valuation, surveying, dilapidations, lease extension, lease renewal, building project management, disposal, and dispute resolution expertise, combined with having a dedicated in house management accounting team, means we deliver one of the most comprehensive independent property management services available in the Thames Valley.

Our pro-active and responsive property management department looks after more than 88 sites and a total of over 215 units ranging from stand-alone buildings to large industrial sites. The team actively manages property assets to deliver time saving and cost efficiency whilst ensuring the relationship between landlord and tenant remains favourable.

We provide guidance on furthering investment profitability and keep you up to date with as much or as little information on the day to day performance of the investment as you want to know. Active problem solving and our extensive experience in management matters means we expertly relate to and communicate with all stakeholders involved including, landlord, tenant and contractors

We act on advise on

Commercial property management

Residential property management

Portfolio estate management

Our service includes

  • Setting, collecting and adjusting rental income
  • Service charge budget, collection & expenditure management
  • Inventories & schedule of conditions
  • Insurance management
  • Landlord and tenant relations
  • Finding and screening tenants
  • Lease handling for dilapidations, rent reviews and renewals
  • Dispute resolution
  • Property maintenance and supervision of repairs
  • Planned maintenance schedules
  • Inspections to gauge state of repair
  • Disposals and lettings
  • Compliance with sustainability issues
  • Works tendering and contractor management
  • Health & safety and risk management

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Property management FAQs

  • What is property management?

    Property management broadly describes the day-to-day and long-term handling of commercial and residential buildings purchased for investment purposes.

  • Who requires property management services?

    Property management services are often required by hedge fund managers, commercial businesses, estate agents and private investors who want to optimise their assets to obtain the maximum return on their investment.

  • What does a property manager do?

    An effective property manager handles all day-to-day activities such as repair and maintenance, landlord and tenant matters, and collecting and managing monthly rent payments. They will also put forward recommendations with regards to longer-term asset management initiatives.

  • What is a service charge and how is it managed?

    Service charges are collected from occupiers of shared buildings or communal areas within them and made payable to the property owners or the management company acting on their behalf. The Service Charge payable for a given year is based on an estimate of costs, so property owners will pay an estimated Service Charge on-account. Once the actual costs incurred during the Service Charge accounting year have been calculated, they are set against the estimated costs to establish whether there was a surplus or deficit of funds. The difference between the actual and estimated costs represents the Service Charge adjustment. This is then added to each property owner’s Service Charge account in the form of a credit, where there is a surplus of funds for the year, or a debit if there is a deficit of funds. It is a covenant within each Lease and Transfer that the Service Charge adjustment is paid on demand.

  • What is the difference between freehold and leasehold?

    If you purchase a freehold property, you will own the home and the land it is built on. There may however be a freehold company who owns the estate areas, such as communal car parking or garden areas. If you buy a leasehold property you are actually buying the rights to live in a property for a set period of time. You won’t actually own the structure, or the grounds it is situated on. Most flats are leasehold but provisions exist that allow leaseholders to extend, purchase or collectively purchase the freehold of the building.

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