LPA receivership & debt recovery

We are experienced LPA receivers that tailor our approach to debt recovery based on the specific needs of the lender.

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LPA receivers

Our Chartered Surveyors specialising in LPA receivership act for banks, mortgage service providers, short term lenders (including bridging and development loan providers), and family trusts who have secured their loans by a mortgage on commercial or residential property.

Our focus as LPA receivers is the recovery of debt and income streams from the charged property to repay or reduce liability to the lender when the borrower defaults on their payments. We are experienced LPA receivers that tailor our approach to debt recovery based on the specific needs of the lender whilst meeting our professional obligations as registered property receivers.

Our service and practices are fully compliant with FCA regulations and RICS codes of conduct.


Our service includes


  • Pre-appointment consultation
  • Pre-receivership support as mediator between the two parties
  • Open dialogue and clear lines of communication for all parties. (lender, borrower & occupiers)
  • Professional property assessments by a Chartered Surveyor & RICS registered valuer
  • A tailored recovery strategy
  • Maximising asset value to increase recovery
  • Giving clear, unambiguous advice
  • Meeting your compliance and legislation requirements as lenders
  • Experience in difficult and sensitive negotiations


We act and advise on


  • Pre-receivership support as mediator between the two parties
  • Securing, repairing and insuring the property
  • Taking possession of the property where applicable
  • Property management and disposal strategy
  • Diverting rental income, handling monies due and minimising financial loss
  • Pursuing planning permission, Implement strategies, negotiate new leases, tenancy agreements or other actions that may improve the resalable value of the premises
  • Arrange an efficient sale of the property
  • Distribute proceeds of the sale to all relevant parties


Before we are appointed, lenders can offer proposals to the customer suggesting repayment options and outstanding liabilities in the form of a ‘pre-receivership report’. We can assist at this stage to act as a mediator between the two parties should this be required.


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Frequently asked questions about receivership

  • Do you conduct recievership services in my area?

    Kempton Carr Croft’s Chartered Surveyors regularly work with lenders to provide recievership services throughout London and the whole of the South East of England. The team works from offices in Basingstoke, Camberley, Gerrards Cross, Maidenhead, London, Reading, Staines and Windsor.