When to hire a Surveyor


A surveyor is someone who is extensively trained to give advice about land, properties and building construction. Here, we’ve listed just some of the things a Chartered Surveyor can assist you with – They do much more than just building surveys!

Far from just helping people buy or sell their homes, surveyors provide distinct professional services and advice to anyone dealing with property and related matters. Individual surveyors tend to specialise in one or two surveying services. A multi-disciplined firm like Kempton Carr Croft is well placed to offer advice and services across a broad range of requirements as it has lots of specialists under one roof.

If you are a homeowner, tenant, landlord, investor, or a solicitor, lender or insurer with property clients, it is very likely you will need a firm of Chartered Surveyors at some point in your life.

In order to find the best surveyor for your needs you can read our ‘five things to consider when hiring a surveyor’ article.

Surveyors can help you with: 


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