Case study: Contract administration works for a fire damaged commercial unit


Kempton Carr Croft has Chartered Building Surveyors specialising in contract administration. Read on to see how we plan, negotiate, support and manage effective contracts for buildings, construction and renovation projects on behalf of our clients with a fire damage case study

Project management, contract administration and creating building improvement specifications are very rewarding jobs for our surveyors. It’s always nice to be able to see a building progress from the first inspection to an often drastically improved or completely new state at the end of the project. In the case of fire damage contracts, like the case study below, the transformation is ever more apparent. 

Case Study

Between April 2016 and July 2016 we worked on behalf of a commercial landlord in Maidenhead to prepare a specification of works, obtain tenders and oversee repair works needed for a complete refurbishment, structural repairs and new services installation at a site with extensive fire damage to the retail unit and flat above.  

The project was completed to our client’s satisfaction, within agreed timescales and within budget, and we’re sure your’ll agree that the before and after pictures  in our case study pdf speak for themselves! 

The Building Surveyors that conduct this type of work at Kempton Carr Croft are excellent project managers, pay close attention to detail and have the skills, experience and expertise to ensure building projects remain compliant and regulated, whilst meeting specification and budget requirements.

Contract administration from Kempton Carr Croft 

As Contract Administrators we are responsible for administering the contracts related to construction and building works. Contract Administration from Kempton Carr Croft brings together the expert control, organisation and in-depth understanding of Building Regulations and legislation required to successfully deliver a completed scheme or schedule of works.

Our service includes

  • Inviting and processing tenders.
  • Preparing contract documents for execution.
  • Seeking instructions from the client in relation to the contract.
  • Issuing instructions such as variations, or relating to prime cost sums or making good defects.
  • Preparing and issuing construction progress reports.
  • Co-coordinating and instructing site inspectors.
  • Ensuring that project documentation is issued to the client.
  • Issuing certificates of practical completion and interim certificates.
  • Collating and issuing schedules of defects.
  • Issuing the certificate of making good defects.
  • Issuing the final certificate.

We act and advise on

  • Building and renovation projects
  • Maintenance repair and refurbishment works
  • Complex demolition projects


Need advice or services?

Kempton Carr Croft’s building surveying team is experienced in a wide variety of commercial and residential contract administration projects. Contact our surveyors to discuss your individual needs. 


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