Lending against property

We provide security and peace of mind for High Street, bridging, development and main stream lenders that provide loans for property and development projects.

Development monitoring

Limit lending risk with independent progress reports

Valuation services

Current and historical valuations for commercial and residential property and land

LPA receivership & debt recovery

Tailored debt recovery for lenders when borrowers default on their payments

Loan security valuations

Informed decision making for lenders of property and development finance

Surveyors for Lenders

piggy bank and property balance

How can we help?

We work with lenders to provide the valuations, reporting and debt recovery services they need in order to take a calculated risk when providing mortgages for property and development projects. 

Get advice 

Contact us to speak to a surveyor about debt recovery via our LPA Receivership service, loan security valuations and development monitoring requirements you have in regard to lending against property. 

Please include the full property address so we can provide an accurate quotation.