Defect analysis & Homeowner surveys

If you have concerns about the condition, structure or safety of your home, they can be addressed with a building survey or defect analysis report.

Damp issues

Identifying and rectifying the cause of damp in your property

Cracks in buildings

To Identify the cause of cracks in buildings and any remedial works required

Building surveys

A full healthcheck for your property

Our homeowner surveys

How we can help

Our defect analysis and homeowner surveys are perfect for those with specific areas of concern regarding the construction, safety or condition of their property. 

Get advice

Anyone worried about cracks, damp, subsidence, roof structures or any other element of building structure, for both commercial and residential property can contact our friendly and experienced Chartered Building Surveyors.

They will arrange a convenient time to inspect the property and report back their findings. Their service can be extended to providing a specification of works to remedy the defect and restore your property to its previous condition. 

Contact us to speak to a surveyor about any concerns you have regarding the structure of your property.

Please include the full property address so we can provide an accurate quotation. 

Frequently asked questions about homeowner surveys

What is covered in a homeowner survey?

  • A thorough inspection of all accessible areas of the property affected by the defect in question
  • Production of a report that comments on the defect, its effects, probable cause and any remedial works required.
  • Consultation prior to the inspection to ensure any specific concerns you have are considered in the inspection and report

Will my insurance company cover the costs of fixing building defects?

Each home insurance policy and provider offer different levels of cover. If you experience any issues with the structure and fabric of your home you should contact your insurance provider in the first instance to establish if the defect is covered, and to what level. If cover is available, you will usually be able to claim the costs of the remedial works against your insurance policy and possibly even your surveyors report, minus any excess payable in the event of a claim.

What information do you need to book in a survey?

When contacting us in relation to building defects or homeowner surveys, please provide us with the full property address and a  summary of the area or defect you are concerned about. This information will enable our surveyors to provide you with an accurate quote and availability. 


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