Aerocam technology as standard for building surveys


Our surveyors’ use of Aerocam technology ensures that when you request a building survey from Kempton Carr Croft, you not only get a detailed overview of the property’s condition and structural health, but you can also benefit from the technology we use to give you extra insight areas of your home or building that would traditionally be difficult or expensive to access.

Benefits of Aerocam and drone technology for our clients

  • Cost saving. The use of our Aerocam means we can often forego the need for expensive scaffolding to access hazardous or difficult to access roofing areas
  • Turnaround time is reduced without the need for access equipment such as cherry pickers or scaffolding
  • High resolution imagery of previously inaccessible, hazardous or restricted access areas including rooftop chimneys, drainage systems, roof line detail and storm damaged areas.

Our Aerocam is used as standard with all building surveys where visual inspection of hard to access areas is needed.

In addition to enhancing the offering of our building surveys, this technology can also be of interest to our development clients looking for a birds eye view of the progress of their building projects and development schemes.  View our development monitoring or building project management services for more information. 


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