Our surveyors encourage the next generation to #AspireHigh


Kayleigh Ferrer and Katie Hillier, two of our Chartered Building Surveyors, attended Windsor Girls School on 22nd November 2018 to give a talk and lead a surveying activity as part of the school’s Aspire High program.  

Aspire High

The aspire high program aims to enable the school’s high aspiring students to build on their personal qualities and get insight into professional career choices from high achieving mentors that promote the success of women in business. The aim is to inspire them with the experience and practical insight that will help them shape their future career plans, obtain places at, and be successful at the best universities and colleges in the country. 

Our very own high achieving surveyors presented to the 60 strong audience to explain the various routes into surveying and what the job looks like as a career choice day to day. They finished up by leading the girls in a surveying activity to get their minds working like surveyors to put their future surveying skills to the test!  

Think like a surveyor

The girls in attendance were given a variety of images showcasing some common problems that impact property and our surveyors regularly get asked for advice on. Examples included damp, tree routes, drainage issues and woodworm. They were then invited to get into the mind set of a surveyor to think about how the problem might impact the building and it’s owner, and consider how they might fix the problem before presenting their ideas back to the group. 

Kayleigh Ferrer comments:

“2018 marks 150 years of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the body that shapes and regulates the profession of surveying. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to meet, talk to and inspire the next generation of potential surveyors that will enable this brilliant organisation to continue to flourish and demonstrate its importance to society for another 150 years.  I hope that our attendance at the Aspire High program will inspire the girls to consider surveying as a profession in the future “

Katie Hillier comments: 

“A day in the life of a surveyor is always varied. From scaling buildings in a cherry picker, using aerial drones and thermal imaging technology, to crawling into lofts and visiting lots of new, exciting, beautiful, and occasionally less beautiful buildings, there is lots to do and be seen. It was a privilege to be able to share our experiences and hopefully inspire the next generation of surveyors at Windsor Girls School. We wish them all the very best of luck with the rest of their studies”

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