Instruct a Surveyor to manage your build project


Benefits of hiring a Surveyor to manage your building project 

Streamlined project management saves you time and money and the client and contractor relationship will be managed throughout.

Key benefits 

  • Budget, time and expectation management. What do you want from the project? How much can you actually afford to spend? When do you want it complete? Is all this actually achievable?
  • The ability to communicate with both you and your contractor on the right level to ensure correct specification and full itemization of exactly what is required from the work is clearly defined.
  • In-depth knowledge of Building Regulations, boundary & party wall issues
  • A single point of contact who can manage all the contractor briefings, logistics, Health & Safety matters and timing on your behalf
  • A portfolio of trusted and proven contractors best suited to the type property & job in hand
  • The ability to see the bigger picture. With no emotional connection to the project surveyors can often spot potential snagging points that you may have overlooked in your excitement to complete the project.
  • Contract management meaning you are not pressured to pay contractors upfront whilst making sure the service provider receives regular payments to cover work that has actually been done
  • Keeps the project on track and make sure the work is completed to your satisfaction at each phase of the build instead of waiting until things escalate at the end of the project to the point where legal action is the only option.
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For more information on the benefits of instructing a Chartered Surveyor to act as building project manager, view our ‘How to ensure your build or renovation project runs smoothly‘ blog post or use our contact form to get in touch get in touch with our surveying team.  


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