PropTech can save you money!


New technology offers cost saving for building surveys

KCC’s building surveying team can now offer aerial photography services for commercial and residential building surveys.

The camera provides visual access to high level areas of buildings which would not normally be accessible or reported on from a standard ground level inspection without the need for a cherry picker.

Your surveyor will advise you at the point of instuction if this service would be of particular benefit to you but if the building includes areas of roofing which can’t be inspected from ground level due to their architectural design, has chimney stacks or high level valley gutters then the service is highly recommended.

Cost saving benefits

Using this technology, our surveyors can identify previously hidden issues that can be costly to rectify post purchase. Presenting this information gives pre-purchase survey clients all the information available on the property so they can make an informed decision.

Faster turn around on survey appointments

Without the need to arrange cherry pickers to access high level areas, we can arrange to inspect within a shorter time period.


Need advice or services?
We have an experienced surveying team conducting commercial and residential surveys throughout London and the South. To get a quote for a building survey using aerial photography, use our contact form to get in touch. 


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