Energy efficiency in commercial market is rising thanks to MEES


It’s been 12 months since the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) made it unlawful for commercial landlords to grant a new lease or lease renewal for a building which fails to meet the minimum energy ratings set and the result has been positive.

Thousands of commercial property owners and landlords have now completed works to bring their previously rated F or G buildings into more energy efficient brackets, and in an effort to tackle climate change at every level, the energy efficiency movement continues to grow.

We already know that from April 2023, MEES will broaden to make all leases on property with sub-standard energy efficiency ratings illegal, not just those with new leases or renewals being granted.

On top of this, it is widely expected that that the threshold for MEES will be raised again too, which would mean that all commercial premises’ would need an energy performance rating of D or above to be compliant.

How can Kempton Carr Croft help with MEES?  

Whether you were an early adopter of works to meet the MEES or are yet to evaluate and act on your property portfolio, Kempton Carr Croft’s surveyors can:

  • Advise on energy efficiency improvements that can be made to your property to upgrade it to the minimum energy efficiency rating or above.
  • Specify and deliver the works needed
  • Monitor works, manage contracts and suppliers
  • Work closely with trusted EPC providers such as Vital property services to ensure you have a new energy performance certificate in place when works are complete.

Next steps for owners of commercial property

If your property has an EPC rating of D or lower, talk to Kempton Carr Croft in the first instance. We will provide a simple, clear analysis of upgrades needed to bring your building(s) in line with the MEES legislation.

We work with individuals and businesses on all types of commercial and residential property including shops, warehouses, flats, large office buildings or shopping centres.

For more information on building exemptions, tenancy exemptions and the penalties for non-compliance, see our article – ‘Who will be affected by MEES


Need advice or services?

Our experienced Surveying and commercial agency team work with landlords and property managers to sell, lease and acquire commercial buildings, sites and investments across London and the South of England, and will work with you to ensure your building(s) meet MEES.

Contact Nick Dixon [email protected], Head of Building Surveying, Kempton Carr Croft


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